We deliver the following fuel products to job sites, residences, marine docks, and a variety of other places. Our professional track record helps us get the job done right the first time, giving you a better fuel delivery experience.

  • Diesel Fuel (Marked/Clear)

  • Gasoline (Marked/Clear)

  • Furnace Oil

  • Stove Oil

Super Save Fuels delivers Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel ( under 15 ppm sulfur ),which contains up to 5 % bio-diesel blended by Shell at their Burnaby loading facility ensuring quality to all our customers.

Our Furnace Oil also meets the Ultra Low Sulfur spec and contains up to 5% bio-diesel. That means a cleaner burning fuel that will keep you and your loved ones warm all through the chilly winter months.

Just as a note, stove Oil doesn’t have bio diesel in it.

We also handle both Mid Grade (89 octane) and Premium (91 octane) as these Unleaded products don’t contain ethanol.

Marked fuels have the same quality and characteristics but with a dye added to indicate off road use.
(see marked fuel tax form for eligibility)

Marked fuel customers must fill out and
return a “marked fuel tax form”.